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22 July 1987
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Hello! Welcome to my LiveJournal.

My name is Neffiline and I have been on LJ since 2003.
My birth date is July 22nd, 1987. My favorite color is pink, but I also like orange.

My obsession, my favorite singer and idol : Ayumi Hamasaki.

My favorite manga/anime is Sailor Moon.
But I also like CardCaptor Sakura, NANA, Peach Girl and Alice 19th.

My favorite food is sweets, especially cupcakes!

My kitten is my everything. Her name is Suki <3

If you'd like to be added to my friends list,
just comment on one of my entry to let me know why you want to be friends.
Unless we have nothing in common, I'll likely add you back.
I will NOT add you back if you don't leave a comment.

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